Graphic Tee Designs by Counterculture Artists

Graphic Tee Designs by Counterculture Artists

There are countless places to buy graphic tees. Many outlets carry t-shirt designs featuring fantasy art, dark art, and designs that depict the essence of counterculture. Tee shirts, hoodies and other casual apparel with graphic art are a stunning way to express individuality and state of mind.

At TatteredTs, our mission is to create an outlet for the art community and empower and support artist/designers who share our views, attitudes, and passion for ethical products and sustainable responsibility.

The definition of counterculture by Merriam Webstera culture with values and mores that run counter to those of established society”

Fantasy Art T-Shirts

If you've ever dreamed of wearing a t-shirt with original custom fantasy artwork, TatteredTs is sure to have something you’ll love. Check out Riots and Ruins Beast Mode Bunny t-shirt. Available in black or white. These are high quality, soft cotton and lovingly crafted with environmentally sustainable materials and non-toxic ink.

Fantasy art illustrates magical and supernatural themes, often with a science fiction vibe, or imagery that invokes thought and an imaginative mood. If you are a fan of fantasy art, you might also love 7 Fiends designs.

Dark Art T-Shirts

If you're into dark art, you will certainly appreciate these exclusive designs by independent artists. Pious Punks dark art designs are available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Dark art can be described as imagery with surrealist elements, usually using mostly black in the designs. Dark art illustrates chilling or even gruesome images that may elicit deep thought and often incite questions about the intent of the artist. Such art often makes an impression and sometimes provokes controversy.

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs are typically inspired by culture and often convey a mindset of freedom from conventional thinking and lifestyle. For those who have tattoos, Wicked Era or Conservative Nod designs may just be the ideal complement to your style and originality.

Tattoo designs and motifs have a rich history. Symbolism used in body art is a topic that is particularly in-depth and fascinating. The top four reasons people get tattoos are 1) To honor someone they love, 2) To mark a significant trait or aspect of their life or personality, 3) Fashion and style, 4) Gang, military, or prison affiliations.

Surfer Style

In surf and skate culture, graphic tees are a staple of the wardrobe. Surfer style has evolved since the 1960s.

Below is a brief timeline illustrating some important events that have led to the popularity of surfing and surfer fashion.

  • 1958 Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit
  • 1961 Elvis Presley starred in the movie “Blue Hawaii”
  • 1962 The Beach Boys released the hit song, Surfin Safari
  • 1965 The movie “The Endless Summer” was released
  • 1969 Surfer fashion brand Quicksilver launched in U.S. and Rip Curl launched in Australia
  • 1973 Billabong fashion brand was founded
  • 1991 Quicksilver launched another brand called Roxy with fashion exclusively for women

Today the surfer fashion trend continues to grow in popularity worldwide. The brands originated to express a liberal free-thinking lifestyle. As with so many good ideas, these

well-known brands are now mass market commercialized mainstream establishments.

It is still a simple fashion statement centered on confidence and casual comfort, usually featuring surfer-branded graphics. Surfer style is still casual board shorts or jeans, graphic tees, and classic skate shoes or sandals.

If you want to look a little more stylish, opt for a truly original and unique graphic tee from the TatteredTs collection. Add a slouchy hat, sunglasses, a beaded bracelet, and layer with a flannel shirt to complete the ultimate surfer look.

Fun Fact: Pre-Incan Peruvian tribes were the first people to surf. They crafted small vessels known as reed boats, or caballitos de totora, translation (little reed horses).  

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials

If you're looking for unique, creative apparel from an environmentally friendly company, try graphic tees from TatteredTs. These shirts feature original art designs from up-and-coming brands. TatteredT shirts are high-quality cotton t-shirts made with sustainable materials and non-toxic inks.

Not only do they look amazing, you'll feel great about wearing something truly original and made by a socially responsible American company.