7 Fiends and Other Fantasy Art Fashion unTrends

7 Fiends and Other Fantasy Art Fashion unTrends

The popularity of skulls and dragons in fantasy art has never been higher, so it is only natural that fantasy art is dominated by these images. 

Dragons and skulls in paintings, drawings and t-shirts aren't the only popular medium and subject matter for fantasy art. Embossed leather and metal shields are also popular for fantasy art images. Skulls, dragons, surreal landscapes, and mythical creatures also feature prominently in modern fantasy art, and their presence in art has become increasingly common over the years. The trend also extends to cover art, which has moved from being reserved for the more traditional genre of fantasy to more inspired, imaginative, and design-forward styles.

Fairytales, folklore, and other such subjects became wildly popular in Europe in the Middle Ages. During the 19th century, however, depictions of folk themes were considered unacceptable by the strict Puritan society. Therefore, fairy and fantasy art were embraced as a response to the time's strict social norms. In the twentieth century, however, the popularity of fairy art reached a new level. Fairy art has now become the most popular genre of art, making it more accessible than ever.

A combination of fantasy and psychedelic styles will dominate the world of art in the next few years. The mixture of these styles will use computer aided graphic design tools resulting in a powerful blend of technology and artistic expression. 

These new styles of fantasy art trends are viewed as a liberation from traditional clean designs and conformity. 

But if this fresh style of art is well interpreted, new fantasy art will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. So, keep an eye out for the latest styles of art and be inspired by the images.

While it may not be easy to identify the most popular fantasy art trends, these design images are nonetheless common in many media. From fantasy art books to greeting cards, the genre is widely accessible. The popularity of fantasy art has grown so much that it has penetrated every part of modern commercial culture. 

From science fiction conventions to pin ups, and on video games, fantasy art can be found everywhere! It's no wonder that the genre has become a hugely appreciated. 

Look at the popularity of Pokémon, Garbage Pail Kids, and Anime to see how a certain style of artwork can capture the attention of a wide audience and gain so many devoted fans.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's style of fantasy art is synonymous with the genre. Their paintings depict anything from a woman in blue metallic flesh to an alien landscape inhabited by bizarre creatures. Their focus is on human figures and the perfect human form. However, their work reflects their unique visions. 

TatteredTs artists exhibit similar traits, and we think these T-shirt designs are a great expression and statement of individuality for anyone looking to discover the latest styles in fantasy art.

Even modern-day interior design has begun to embrace the genre of fantasy. Incorporating fantastic elements into modern designs, fantasy designers are allowing their clients to choose between bold and peaceful styles. While fantasy art has many similarities to contemporary art, its appeal is rooted in the world of the imagination. It also highlights the themes of dream, imagination, and the uncanny. It is a type of art that can appeal to both the young and old alike.

Today's fantasy artists are working commercially, illustrating the fantasy authors' ideas. In doing so, they must balance commerciality and enchantment. This, in turn, has led to the creation of new media and styles. However, it is still important to note that contemporary fantasy artists have made significant contributions to the genre. The artists we will be looking at today are unknown outside of their respective fields. However, their work represents a significant trend for the genre.


We at TatteredTs are doing our part to represent these artists and we hope these exceptional and unique works of art will be enjoyed by many people who appreciate being original and maybe, a little edgy.