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Fall Fashion Streetwear 2022 Style is Nostalgic and Bold

  Streetwear fashion is still in style, and this year's trends will be nostalgic and bold. You can expect to see a resurgence in the Y2K style. Look for bold silhouettes and layering your outerwear. You can even experiment with sash belts and crochet sets. Styles with Unisex Appeal If you're looking for streetwear fashion ideas that are both gender-neutral and appealing, there are plenty of brands to choose from. Brands such as Vans, Totokaelo, and Selfridges of London are a fitting example of these current trends. In an increasingly diverse world, fashion is moving back to its roots as an expression of identity.  Fortunately, eCommerce retailers are catering to this trend by expanding their ranges to include more styles...

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7 Fiends and Other Fantasy Art Fashion unTrends

The popularity of skulls and dragons in fantasy art has never been higher, so it is only natural that fantasy art is dominated by these images.  Dragons and skulls in paintings, drawings and t-shirts aren't the only popular medium and subject matter for fantasy art. Embossed leather and metal shields are also popular for fantasy art images. Skulls, dragons, surreal landscapes, and mythical creatures also feature prominently in modern fantasy art, and their presence in art has become increasingly common over the years. The trend also extends to cover art, which has moved from being reserved for the more traditional genre of fantasy to more inspired, imaginative, and design-forward styles. Fairytales, folklore, and other such subjects became wildly popular in...

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